Helvetica Prize of the Swiss Chemical Society 2023

On the occasion of the SCS Fall Meeting 2023 Helvetica, represented by its eidtors in chief, Prof. Eva Hevia and Prof. Jérôme Waser, as well als Helvetica Managing Editor Dr. Richard Smith, will award the Helvetica Prize of the Swiss Chemical Society for the best published papers of PhD/Postdocs 2022/23 in Helvetica Chimica Acta. The prize is endowed with CHF 1'000 for the winner and CHF 500 for the runner-up.

1st prize: Marius D.R. Lutz, ETH Zurich, CHF 1'000
«Synthesis and Reversible H2 Activation by Coordinatively Unsaturated Rhodium NHC Complexes»
Group of: Bill Morandi

2nd prize: Xingxing Wu, University of Basel, CHF 500
«X-Ray Crystallographic Studies of Quasi-Racemates for Absolute Configuration Determinations»
Group of: Christof Sparr


Dr. Richard Smith, Managing Editor of Helvetica, together with Prof. Eva Hevia and Prof. Jérôme Waser, both Editors in Chief of Helvetice, handed over the certificates to the  winner on August 25, 2025, at 18.00h in the plenary room. While Marius D.R. Lutz presented his research in a 3min short talk on site,  Xingxing Wu eplained the content of his work via a viedeo as he is moved to asia for his postdoc.

We hope this motivates many of our members to hand in their next manuscript to Helvetica, a journal of the SCS.

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